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What is Stuffabouts?

Stuffabouts is the free and easy way to keep track of your stuff. It can easily help you to never lose an item again as well as to never forget to return an item again! Sign up for free now.

How does it work?

You just have to type what you've borrowed from (or lent to) a person and Stuffabouts will create a list of the items you've just added.

add multiple items
loans to a person

And then what?

You'll be redirected to the person's list, where you can see all the things you've lent to or borrowed from him/her.

There, you can add more loans, edit/remove the existic loans and set up notifications (more on that in a while). If a loan is returned, just click the checkbox!

And what if I forget?

We won't let you! When you click the small clock icon next to each loan, you get a datepicker to select the day that you want to be notified on that the loan is due.

When that day comes, you'll be notified via e-mail. You get to set the time you want to receive these e-mails as well!

A red-ish clock means there is no active notification, where a blue-ish clock means -guess what- that there is one!

loans to a person

Where are the loans?

You can see a list of persons with the number of incoming and outgoing loans related to them by clicking either "Loans in" or "Loans out".

Then, by clicking to a name you'll be redirected to the person's loan list (incoming or outgoing).

How do I add, edit & remove persons?

You can select "Manage persons" from the top menu, and everything will be there.

You can add, edit and remove persons. Keep in mind though that if you remove a person, all the loans (incoming and outgoing) related to him/her will be removed as well.

manage persons

Is that all?

Pretty much, yes! You can view the following video as well (if you have not seen it yet), but we would suggest that you start playing around with Stuffabouts since we guarantee that you'll get the grasp of it very quickly! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We will welcome any feedback too!