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The story of Stuffabouts

Hi, I'm Stathis, the creator of Stuffabouts. Like everyone else, I borrow and lend stuff (from and to my friends) all the time. In all these years, I've lost several things because I've lent them out and forgot that I did. I also possess a number of items that are not mine and I don't have a clue to whom they belong!

That's why I created Stuffabouts

I tried several solutions to keep track of everything. I quickly stopped using hand-written lists since -guess what- I was losing them. The next try was with some to-do list software for my computer. The problem was that I was (and I still am) using several devices and it wasn't easy to keep them synchronised, so I gave up on that as well.

Therefore, web-based software was the solution. Since I've not found something specific for my needs, I tried to "customise" several solutions, but encountered problems. For example, I was using a great to-do list software, but it did not have email notifications.

After a while, Stuffabouts was born to solve all these needs. And it did! It was living in a private webserver for years, until I decided to get it out there to meet the world. It was too ugly though, so Constantinos came on board and created this amazing design & user interface.

If you're like me with your (and other people's) stuff, try it out (it's completely free). It will save you time and you'll never forget anything again! :-)

You can check out how it works here. If you don't like reading, there is a video as well.